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About Cheata Bikes

The Cheata motor bicycle evolved from a family project – building a motorized bicycle for the founder’s son. Cheata Bikes is based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin – birthplace of Harley-Davidson, which started out in much the same way as Cheata Bikes. In fact, our manufacturing center, retail location, and product design studio is located very near where it all began at Harley-Davidson

The retro classic design of Cheata motor bicycles harkens back to the very soul of those tinkerers, the Steve Jobs of their day, who melded two great ideas – the internal combustion engine and the bicycle - and gave the world a better way to get around. The DNA of classics such as the Whizzer, Ducati, and Harley-Davidson motor bicycles beats in the heart of a Cheata!

Cheata motor bicycles are sleek and agile urban transportation – a nod to the look and athleticism of the Cheetah.

The Cheata motor bicycle is very customizable – it can stand out and be something a little different from everything else on the road. Our professional production methods allow us to provide the best product in the marketplace at a competitive price and:

  • Comes equipped with a high-quality 49cc, 4-cycle engine
    • Every engine is modified and bench tested for maximum performance and reliability
    • Provides up to 30 percent more torque, greater throttle response and smoother operation than standard engines
    • American craftsmen engineer the design, develop tooling, and custom-machines many components of each Cheata motor bicycle
  • Is street-legal (in most states)
  • Delivers affordable, cost-effective urban transportation
  • Ships with a 60-day labor and 120-days parts warranty against manufacturing defects (some restrictions apply)

At Cheata Bikes, they have a passion for perfection and a commitment to quality, design and the creative spirit. When you own a Cheata, you are part of a lifestyle and a member of the Cheata Bikes family!

608 Motorsports is proud to offer the most unique vehicles in the Midwest, all under one roof. That’s why Cheata Bikes is a perfect fit for the 608 Motorsports family!